Wet/Dry/Wet | Stereo



Effects & Diezel VH-4 preamp splitted dry to Diezel poweramp & wet to Engl E930/60

Guitar in: Skrydstrup Rack Interface/Floor Interface (option: wireless from rack or floor jack input)Gear_Wet_Rig_board

  • Boss V-Wha
  • Tuner out: Boss TU-2 Tuner

Back to rack interface

  • Goes to Axess Elctronics GRX4 1# IN
  • Loop1: Ibanez TS-9
  • Loop2: Whammy4
  • GRX4 #1 OUT to Switchblade GL

Switchblade GL – wet signal

Gear_Wet_RigInput1: Guitar In

  • In the LOOPS:
  • Diezel Preamp (connected via Interface TO AMP)*)
  • Line6 Filter Pro (mono in/stereo out)
  • TC Electronics 2290 (mono in/stereo out)
  • TC Electronics M3000 (stereo in/stereo out)
  • Eventide DSP4000 (stereo in/stereo out)
  • Roland EF-303 (stereo in/stereo out)
  • Ollmann Double Hook (stereo in/stereo out)
  • Electrix Repeater (stereo in/stereo out)
  • OUT to Diezel Loop RETURN
  • STEREO OUT to Engl E930/60

*) From Interface To DIEZEL Amp Input

  • Diezel Preamp Input (front)
  • Diezel seriel loop SEND
  • To Axess Elctronics GRX4 #2 IN
  • Loop1: dbx noise gate
  • Loop2: dbx compressor
  • GRX4 #2 OUT to Switchblade GL

Gear_Wet_DiezelDry Signal

  • From Switchblade GL to Diezel RETURN




  • Skrydstrup SC-1
  • Ernie Ball Volume Pedals 6166