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I performed with the girl & boys in 2013 for a couple of shows from the ENERGIA tour – Austria, Germany & Switzerland.
Also appearence in Willkommen Österreich.




Wet Cookies, founded by Axel Hirn and Björn Klein started out as a handful of Viennese musicians who shared a common affection for jazz, dub and electronic music. Who would have thought that some years and two albums later our collective has grown to an extensive international ensemble which involves up to 19 singers and instrumentalists. Not only did the band’s size change, but the sonic spectrum expanded…

Soul meets Jazz meets Dub
Our debut album „Earthling“ was released in 2007 and is an instrumental excursion into our vision of modern jazz & dub. Most of the tracks on „Earthling“ are built around the musician’s improvisations and the way they interacted with each other.

„Wet Cookies take the best elements of jazz fusion and give them a funky 21st century workout – pukka piano and horns jostle with all manner of tasty electro and hip-hop stylings – hot players, great sound – gimme more.“ -Etherbeat/UK

Two years down the line sees the release of our second album „Soul Protection“. With the support of top class singers we were able to develop a unique sound, that spans from dub infected jazz ballads to catchy dancefloor stompers and if anything could be described as Nu-Soul.

„This band is most definitely in tune with one another and it’s evident throughout every improvised, scripted, and written note Wet Cookies truly feeds off of each individual member and the results are stunning. The songs here glisten with rich sultry sounds and jam with grooves wider than the Mississippi River. This is really good stuff.“ -NBC/First Coast News




Waterstone – a European Tour de Chant with modern, mainly self composed chansons in 6 languages.
In 2001 Lenneke Willemsen started working in Vienna with four composers; Herbert Pichler (Musical Director), Erich Fahringer, Richard Niklaus & RTTW and Alois Horak.

These five artists, each with a unique, diverse musical style, employing six different languages welded an eclectic body of work with a European flavour and called it Waterstone.The Title. A Waterstone is like any other stone, except for the fact that when immersed in water, it displays the most beautiful colours. Once the stone has been removed from its essent
al element; it loses its colours and consequently its uniqueness and speciality.Water is a symbol for feelings, with all its nuances, colours and shades. Should one lose their feelings; life quickly turns grey and superficial and eventually leads to unhappiness. The Inspiration. The lyrics stem from my own experiences and sensibilities, but also reflect the many art forms that have inspired and influenced me. For instance, the sensitivity and perseverance of Camille Claudel, or Federico Fellini , who in a very personal way, approached the themes of love and passion.The Content. The songs, musically and especially lyrically are a narrative on the travails of love, in all its varied complexities. Equally exploring the fear of rejection and abandonment as well as the dependency that the power of love engenders in us all with all its joy, intricacies and fulfilment. The exploration that is love.

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2002 gründete Rupert Träxler (Gitarre) die fünfköpfige Rockband.
„Glass Moon“ machten anfangs durch ihre präzisen Dream Theater Covers auf sich aufmerksam. Jetzt überzeugen Glass Moon mit treibenden Rhythmen, lyrischem Sound,
kraftvoller Stimme und druckvollem Arrangement in ihren Eigenkompositonen von Markus Preissl (Keyz) und Rupert Träxler.
Purer Rock, der vom Herzen kommt und elegant, virtuos, ehrlich, professionell die Menschen bewegt und berührt!
Engagierte Arbeit und die starke Verbundenheit und Auseinandersetzung mit Musik schaffen bei jedem Bandmitglied eine Stimmung, die den Sound von Glass Moon unverwechselbar
macht und jedem neuen Song eine individuelle Note verleiht.
André Wright – Gesang
Rupert Träxler – Gitarre
Markus Preissl – Keyboards
Stephan Först – Bass
Christian Ziegelwanger – Schlagzeug

Planet Music Vienna (A) 03/2005
„Glass Moon – Starke eigene Songs und großartige Dream Theater – Coverversionen
garantieren ein aussergewöhnliches Fest für alle anspruchsvollen Rockfans“
Strutter Magazine (NL) 02/2005 – Glass Moon Promo 2005
„…What we get to hear is high quality Progressive Rock/Metal with an own identity…l think
GLASS MOON has got all it takes to become one of the better bands, if not, the
best Rockband ever to come out of Austria…“
Classic Rock Society (UK) – Glass Moon Promo 2005
„Glass Moon“ are exciting, loud, melodic and musically articulate. Everything about the 5
band members smells of success and much experience.
Progressive World (USA) – Glass Moon Promo 2005
I like this debut/demo from Glass Moon. As I said above, it’s pretty darn good.




Pretty much fun with a huge sounding horn section & many nice people around there.




It was my first job in 2000 directly after my diploma in jazz-guitar.
We had a really good time!