„An incredibly rare masterpiece of prog-rock music“ – Uri Breitman –

„[…] die Truppe leistet sowohl instrumental als auch gesanglich Unglaubliches, schafft ein unerschöpflich großes Spektrum ganz unterschiedlicher Einflüsse, […], und hat letztendlich einen Giganten aus der Taufe, für den es wohl keine passenden Worte mehr gibt.“ Legacy – 01/2014

“Circle of Illusion manages to wow me time after time […] this album is something truly new and special […] If you love progressive music of any caliber, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of this riveting record.” – Jason Spencer –

Listed in Best Prog Albums 2013 by,,

„When you’ve experienced Circle of Illusion, however, you may feel as I do – they don’t need comparisons with others. They stand up magnificently as what they are.“ – Christopher Mammal –

No. 4 in Belgium Dynatop album charts (November 2013) –

„For me this is a true masterpiece that perfectly blends different musical styles into something new which is in fact the core of progressive music. […] This album will most certainly end up in my top ten of 2013 “ Henri Strik –

„Eine Bombast-Kanodade, so bunt, überdreht und durchdacht wie weiland Mozarts „Zauberflöte“ “ – Gunnar Glaußen –

„Ja, der erste Durchlauf dieses wahrhaft epischen Werks lies mich wirklich geplättet und erstaunt zurück.“ Thomas Kohlruß –

„ […] the most impressive album I have heard this year. […] The best music coming from austria since Falco.“ Marcel Haster –

„Beeindruckend und fesselnd ist dieses Debütalbum […] wundervolle Melodien, großartige Progressive Riffs und anspruchsvolle Arrangements. Jedes einzelne Stück ist gut durchdacht, eingängig und erstklassig produziert.“ Diana Stol –

„Es handelt sich um ein Konzeptalbum, dass von Anfang bis Ende den Zuhörer fesseln kann […]“ – Daniel Eggenberger –

„ This album incorporates elements of metal, classical, opera and even Hip Hop and jazz […] the whole comes together into massive and wide-ranging musical explorations that really work. […] This is thoroughly modern Prog, unlimited in scope or imagination. “ – Andy Snipper –

„This will be in my Top Album 2013 list!“ – Denis Longo –

„I was stunned! […] a great chunk of bombastic theatricals blended with excellent music […] highly recommended.“ – Progradar –

„This album is a keeper. It is an album that will grow on you with time, […]. The complexity of the music and the amount of time spent refining the production can be heard as well as felt. […] Get this album and pick up the story from the beginning before everybody knows about this band and their shows sell out.“ Mark Johnson –

„A ‚Jesus Christ Superstar‘ for the prog world, Circle of Illusions’s ‚Jeremias – Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms‘ is as much a Broadway musical as it is a progressive rock or metal album.“

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